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Oliver Cromwell’s grand designs, the Anglo-Saxon case for rewilding and literary history.


Imperial Designs

A massive fleet set sail for Hispaniola in 1654 to conquer the Spanish Caribbean island for the Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell. Things did not go to plan.


The Wolf Must Be in the Woods

The scarcity of wolves in medieval England probably contributed to their fearsome reputation.


Portrait of the Author as a Historian

From Stefan Zweig to Svetlana Alexievich, our series profiling writers who confronted history through literature is now available to read for free.


On the Spot: Paul M. Cobb

Twenty questions with historian of the Islamic world, Paul M. Cobb. ‘Tudors or Stuarts? Bickering tyrants of a petty island kingdom.’


A (Working) Woman’s Place

As the Industrial Revolution wrought widespread social changes, female cotton industry workers’ lives changed dramatically.
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