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The Cyber/Scam Opinion Survey

As part of the continued development of the Alert system we have been working with Action Fraud and the Home Office to enable us to provide you with specific advice and guidance based on your circumstances and understanding about specific techniques used by organised gangs and cyber criminals.
This is about tailoring the service you receive based on you and your requirements so that your messages are more relevant and useful to you. To do this we need you to take a few minutes to complete the Action Fraud Cyber survey.
We need your feedbackTo participate, please click the survey button below and complete the questions. We have made this as quick and efficient as possible, you will not need to log in or complete other irrelevant questions.
There are no more than eight questions about your attitude to things that sometimes lead to frauds and scams.  In some cases we simply need your best guess, this is about your opinion and attitude rather than asking for a right or wrong answer.

Please note, each question asks you to rate (0-9) how much you agree with a statement, simply click the answer closest to your opinion and the next question will appear (This survey does not use “Next” buttons).

It will be really quick to complete and as well as improving your future messages, at the end you’ll get feedback straight away on how well protected you are and more simple steps you can take to help stop you and your family becoming victims.
We hope you’ll be able to spare a couple of minutes to fill this in to help us. If you have the time to do it now just click the button below. This survey will be live for the next two weeks so if you can't fill this in now you can come back and complete it at any time before then.
Please use the reply button below if you experience any technical difficulties with the survey.  You can also contact our support desk (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) on 0115 9245517 or email

Neighbourhood Alert Product Director

Sent on behalf of Action Fraud and the Home Office
On behalf of the Home Office

Please click here to complete our survey

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