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The May meltdown

Ferguson typifies inner-city despair
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May can't go back to government as usual

Robert Colvile, CapX
Earlier this afternoon, Theresa May delivered a speech from a parallel universe in which she had won a solid majority. But however much she wants to go back to business as usual, she faces a new political reality. One where, no matter what she says, she will find herself in an impossibly tricky position.

Theresa May must go - and go now

Graeme Archer, CapX
Let's count the ways Theresa May has ruined Britain and the Conservative Party. She has destroyed a Tory majority. She has ended the career of fine MPs. She has lost an election she didn't need to hold. By failing to crush Corbyn, she's made Britain more extreme. And she's made Brexit more difficult. How can she possibly go on? 

What do the election results mean for Britain's economy?

Andrew Lilico, CapX
The shockwaves sent out by last night's surprise result will disrupt countless policy areas, not least economy. The Tories will cobble together the parliamentary numbers to manage the country's finances competently enough. But Britain's new political landscape is very bad news for the trade deals we need after Brexit.

How Theresa May shot her own fox

Oliver Wiseman, CapX
When asked what was making their ground campaign difficult, Conservative activists in one key marginal raised a surprising issue: fox hunting. It wasn't that those swing voters were passionate about animal rights. Rather, it was confirmation of what the rest of the campaign suggested to them too: that May was Just Another Tory. 

Why we Ukippers should be ashamed of ourselves

Tim Worstall, CapX
Britain's hung parliament is the result of extraordinary hubris. But the people truly guilty of overweening confidence are Leavers - especially Ukippers. Their mistake was to declare victory and go home the morning after last year's referendum. One thing is now clear: the fight is far from over.

Stat of the Day

Ferguson typifies inner-city despair

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