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After a 15-minute audience with the Queen, Theresa May returned to Downing Street yesterday to confirm that she intends to battle on at the head of a minority government, despite the spectacular consequences of her ill-judged snap election.
Her political career hangs by a thread after a seismic shift in British politics. Despite a final all-out assault by the tabloid newspapers, it seems that young voters turned out and voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s resurgent Labour party.
The prime minister’s disastrous gamble has not only left her fighting for her career but also thrown a question mark over the looming Brexit negotiations – so how has this been viewed on the continent? And an expected partnership with the Democratic Unionist Party will bring its own demands.
The incredible outcome of the vote is covered in the final episode of our Election Weekly podcast.
It wasn’t all politics of course. We also published stories this week that looked at the power of delusions – can you tell if you’re experiencing one? Why yoga makes us happy, according to science. And why Chad is the country most vulnerable to climate change.
Have a good weekend.
Laura Hood
Politics Editor, Assistant Editor

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Feel the Earth move. Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/PA Images

A seismic shift has occurred in British politics

Matthew Flinders, University of Sheffield
In bringing out the youth vote, Labour has changed the rules of the game. Where next is anyone's guess.

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