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Trump quits Paris deal, Indus rivalry, Sofia Coppola

Donald Trump is pulling out of the Paris climate accord, it was announced last night. But across the country Americans and their representatives believe the US should participate in the deal, academics writing for The Conversation US found. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Pakistan and India are squaring up over a regional environmental issue. The two countries depend on the mighty Indus river. But new dams may disrupt a relatively harmonious water-sharing agreement between the two countries. The Indus Water Treaty needs to be updated, says Fazilda Nabeel.
Sofia Coppola recently won best director at Cannes for her remake of The Beguiled. Fiona Handyside, her biographer, says Coppola’s work shows she has stepped out of the shadow of her famous father to produce a series of outstanding films about singular women.
It’s finally Friday – but if you live in a city it’s probably best not to spend all day gazing out the office window, dreaming of the weekend. As Arnold J Wilkins explains, the sight of urban scenery can actually bring on a headache.
And with just a week until the UK general election, listen to our expert analysis of the latest politicking on our essential podcast.
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How India and Pakistan are competing over the mighty Indus river

Fazilda Nabeel, University of Sussex
Hydropower dams in upstream India have left Pakistanis worried.

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