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UK election shock special

There is a huge question mark over how Britain will be governed following an astonishing election that saw the Tories unexpectedly lose their overall parliamentary majority.
Theresa May called this snap election less than two months ago thinking she was on course for a thumping victory and promising a “strong and stable” leadership. But Andy Price says the move can now clearly be seen as “one of the biggest political misjudgements” ever seen in British politics.
Experts followed the twists and turns throughout the night, analysing what this result means for May, the Conservatives and, of course, a revitalised Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, who was being written off just a couple of weeks ago.
Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP suffered significant losses overnight, while Northern Ireland's DUP is being suddenly mooted as a possible Tory coalition partner in a hung parliament. The UK’s Brexit talks are due to start with the EU in just ten days. What happens now? Can May continue? Can Labour find a route back to government? Keep following The Conversation for ongoing expert analysis and comment.
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Laura Hood
Politics Editor, Assistant Editor

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Ok, now what? PA/Stefan Rousseau

The UK election fails to produce a winner – here's what happens now

Andy Price, Sheffield Hallam University
The Conservatives are still the largest party, but how long can they hold onto power after spectacular miscalculation.

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