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Guido's Lounge Cafe - Blindfold

Not sure what to do with this set, this was a little messy... When created this, it was early morning
Could not use much light because it was attracting too much uhm...
But the mood was great :)

00:00 Poolz - Fading Away, In Front Of My Own Eyes
04:27 Blue Six - Yeah
08:54 Roberto Bronco - Figure It Out
14:52 Isaac Moore - Ocean Dreams
18:38 Wolfgang Fahr (SmartMellow) - Andalusia - Andalusia
23:34 Evolve - Obelisk
28:09 GiuseppeS - Gio Gio
33:50 Frame By Frame - Puis Je
37:21 Enigmatic Obsession - The Delta Of The Red Driver!
40:54 Monte la Rue - Adeus
44:32 Woody B feat Brent St Clair - Holdin On (After Time Mix)
49:39 Boot Cut Rockers - Deep In Our Heart
55:03 Lemongrass - Oiseau De Paradis
58:35 Plastyc Buddha - Hammock Harmony part 1

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