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Guido's Lounge Cafe - Water Garden

This set has an oriental start, well, to me it has that feel. Over here it was such a hot weather, I didn't know what to play... So I was thinking about how to call this mix, and one thing was sure...
So much sun needs water... "Water Garden" Enjoy my friends

00:00 Red Buddha & Linda Wong Ensemble - Tongli Water Garden
07:01 Jens Buchert - Luna
11:52 Zofka - Mais Ca Ne Fait Rien (instrumental)
14:34 Troubleman - Paz (feat. Nina Miranda)
18:15 Merge Of Equals - My Everything
23:28 Minus Blue feat. Emma Saville - Be As One (Klangstein Remix)
28:57 ID3 - Apnea
33:06 Monodeluxe - Be Right Back
38:01 Project 36 - Crusin' Down The Coast (Golden Hour Low Key Remix)
40:25 Vök - Circles
43:37 Gerrit van der Meer - Octavia
47:37 Sky Sergeant - holograms (electric slide mix)
52:43 Mission Brown - Still
57:01 Nux - Midnight Stroll

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