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Theft Of Lead Crime Reduction Advice

Julia Williams (Police, Neighbourhood Policing Admin, South Oxon and Vale)

We have seen an increase in the theft of lead from roofs, particulary schools and churches.

Please consider the following if you have a lead roof:
  • Security marking – marking the lead will make the crime less attractive and make it harder for the offenders to sell on. If you use a DNA marking solution i.e. SmartWater it can be traced back to the owner if recovered.
  • Keep gates locked and restrict vehicle access.
  • Maximise surveillance levels i.e. cutting back tall trees.
  • Encourage members of the local community to keep an eye on the building and report anything suspicious.
  • Remove things that might help thieves get access to the roof, like water butts, bins and tall trees.
  • Conduct regular checks of the roof so the theft is detected at the earliest possible time.
  • Apply anti-climb paint to drain pipes and guttering.
  • Install CCTV.
If you have any information relating to these crimes please call us on 101.

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