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Reporting Advice For Landowners And Farmers In The South And Vale

Reporting of shooting and lamping

Thames Valley Police would like to remind farmers and landowners of the importance of making us aware of any shooting and lamping that you are going to carry out on your land. We have received reports in the past from concerned members of the public because lights have been seen in fields late at night and they have heard the sound of gunfire.                  

TVP need to take reports seriously and we can send multiple units including the Armed Response Unit, Police Helicopter and Police Dogs. This uses a huge amount of our resources that could be directed somewhere else.

Please call 101 and notify us that you will be carrying out these activities on your land. It would also be appreciated if you could also let your neighbours know to minimise reports.

Reporting of rural crime

We would also ask you to please report any incidents of rural crime, however small. It helps us build a picture of what crime is happening in our area and the more intelligence we gather the more likely we are to be able to deter and stop offenders.

Please also continue to be vigilant and report any unusual activity on or near your land including vehicles and people that may look out of place. Please call our contact centre on 101 or 999 if a crime is occurring at that time.

You can also report a non-emergency crime online using the following link: 

Julia Williams (Police, Neighbourhood Policing Admin, South Oxon and Vale)

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